How much liquor should I add to each bottle of Flighty?

To get started, simply add spirits up to the ‘fill to here’ line at the top of your Flighty bottle. It’s approximately 1.5 oz, same as one shot. Add more spirit, pass the fill line if it’s been a long day, no judgement. 

Which liquor should I use?

We recommend a specific spirit for each mixer flavor. You can find these on the bottle labels. But you’re free to add your favorite spirit and go wild!

How many calories are in each premium mixer?

There are under 50 calories in each bottle. With organic ingredients, Flighty is a welcomed complement to any health-conscientious individual.

Do you offer special promotions or discounts?

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Do I need any barware to make cocktails using Flighty Premium Mixers?

Absolutely not! All you need to do is add spirits and have a positive attitude!

Where can I place my order?

Right here through our order page. Thank you for your support! We know that you’ll love what you find.

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