About Us

Add some spirits. Shake it up. Pour over ice.
What if that’s all it took to create a share-worthy cocktail?

Our Collection Along with our story, these were some of the initial thoughts that inspired Flighty, a new way for anyone who loves cocktails to ring in the weekend.

Flighty Premium Mixers are organic, no-fuss cocktail mixers that are as easy as just adding spirits. There’s no measuring or “MacGyvering” involved. Just add your favorite spirit to the ‘fill here’ line and you have a perfectly concocted cocktail every time. It’s as easy as cake, but tastes even better.

Whether you’re relaxing by the pool with Agave Margarita, sunning on the beach with Tropical Punch, unwinding on the boat with S picy P ineapple, or just cooling off in the shade with Prickly Pear Sour, Flighty Premium Mixers are perfect for solo adventures and gatherings alike.

We are also committed to our environment and use sustainably-sourced ingredients as well as recyclable bottles to help minimize our carbon footprint.

So go ahead, kick back and relax with a fast, responsible, and no-mess premium mixer designed to elevate your spirits.

Pro tip: At your next party, bring out a round of cocktails using Flighty Premium Mixers, but keep it a secret until the end… They’ll think you’re a cocktail legend!