Different Types of Cocktail Glasses You Need at Home

Looking for ways to improve your drinking experience when you don’t feel like going to the bar? Whether you have a home bar or want to invest in a bar cart, you need to be conscious about more than just the alcohol. Having all of the necessary tools to make hand-crafted mixed drinks, as well as the cocktail glasses to serve them in, are essentials to consider if you want to up your home-bar game.

Finding the best cocktail glasses isn’t just for the aesthetic appeal. Different cocktail glass types can make a difference in the temperature of your drink, which can ultimately control how the drink tastes.

 You know the pint glass, wine glass and shot glass well. But what about the glasses designed specifically for fancy mixed drinks? Let’s get familiar with the different names of cocktail glasses, better understanding the ideal cocktail glass size and style based on your favorite drinks to serve.

Essential Cocktail Glasses You Need at Home

 Serving up a signature cocktail in the comfort of your own home? Stop pouring your concoctions into pint glasses. Learn more about the different types of cocktail glasses and the drinks that go with them below:

Highball Glass

A highball glass is for cocktails that are meant to be served cold and carbonated. This tall, straight glass has plenty of room for ice so you can keep your drinks cold and bubbly. It’s very comparable to a Collins glass, but this one is shorter and wider. We recommend using this glass for cocktails that use soda or tonic, such as a Rum and Cola or Gin and Tonic.

Margarita Glass

Lime margarita in a glass, garnished with a lime

Margaritas are drinks that can be served in virtually any type of cocktail holder, but the margarita glass is designed to perfect this traditional treat. This class is shaped like a bowl with a thick rim which allows for garnishes and aromatic splendor. Serve frozen or on-the-rocks margaritas in this delightful glass.

Hurricane Glass

A hurricane glass has one of the most unique shapes of any cocktail glasses - it’s reminiscent of a tulip and is perfect for easy handling. The size of a typical hurricane glass will hold around 20 ounces of liquid, making it the perfect glass for a tropical mixed drink like a Pina Colada or, of course, a Hurricane.

Martini Glass

One of the most notable and sophisticated glass options available is the martini glass. It’s a sipping glass, which makes it perfect for the drinks that require little to no mixing and extra ingredients. To enjoy your martini glass to its fullest extent, try a Cosmopolitan.

Coupe Glass

A cocktail served in a coupe glass is one of the most elegant drinks you can order from the bar. This class screams pure sophistication. Because of the style of the cup, it’s not meant to hold ice, which means drinks should be strained and served directly into the glass. A Manhattan, for example, is the perfect drink for a coupe glass.

Standard Rocks Glass

Rocks glasses are designed to be short with a thicker bottom, to allow for easy muddling and stirring. You can make mixed drinks for rocks glasses, but they are generally just used for tasting spirits. Sip straight whiskey from a rocks glass or pour yourself a delicious Old Fashioned.

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