Add These Cocktail Garnish Ideas to Your Home Bar

Are you a natural entertainer who wants to up their game behind the bar? Do you want to improve your drink-making skills to become the life of the party? Anyone can mix up a cocktail - it’s all about how you serve and present it. After all, what’s a margarita without a salted rim, or a Manhattan without an Amerena cherry? 

Keeping cocktail garnish tricks and tips up your sleeve is a simple way to add a party trick to your resume and impress guests at a get-together. Here are some traditional and unique garnishes to add to your home bar or kitchen:

Traditional Cocktail Garnishes

Want to stick to the basics? Keep all of these traditional fancy cocktail garnishes in stock at all times:


Olives on a cocktail pick are necessary when crafting a picture-perfect Dirty Martini. They can also add character to a Bloody Mary at brunch. 

Citrus Fruits

Lemons, limes, and oranges all play different roles when making cocktails, but each serve an important purpose as cocktail garnishes! Citrus wedges on the edge of a glass can bring drinks to life. You can also use a vegetable peeler to create a lemon or lime twist with the outer layer of the skin; this is called the flavedo, and it houses a lot of the citrus flavor and natural oils of the fruit. 

Cinnamon Stick

Cinnamon sticks make great garnishes for sweet drinks year-round, but this garnish is a must during the winter. Cinnamon is such a bold holiday flavor and fragrance, and it can bring out the best in your seasonal cocktail. 


Whether you prefer traditional Marachinos or spunky Amerenas, cherries are non-negotiable. These sweet treats are staples in most popular drinks, but they can add a hint of appeal to any cocktail of your choice.


Salted rims are perfect for cutting the sweetness in a sugary drink, especially margaritas. Keep salt on deck in your home bar for rims or a simple sprinkle over your ready-made cocktail. 

Creative and Unique Drink Garnishes 

Want to make your home bar stand out? Here’s how to make cocktail garnishes that stand out. 

Use Edible Flowers

Flowers can add a fun hint of character to your cocktails, but edible floral garnishes go a step further and make it simple to sip and enjoy, no stress. 

Switch Salt for Sugar

Just like a salted rim completes a sweet drink, a hint of sugar can mellow down even the strongest of cocktails. Grab some colored sugar to add more pizazz to your drinks around the holidays, or just to make your drinks more fun in general. 

Create Decorative Ice Cubes

Traditional ice cubes will keep your drinks cold, but decorative ones can turn you into the life of the party. You can invest in a fun ice cube mold, or simply freeze cubes with fruits, vegetables, herbs or edible flowers. This can add another layer of flavor to your drinks while making them look incredible along the way.

Cocktail with herbs and blood orange

Don’t Stop at Garnishes, Try Our Mixers

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